Who We Work With

As a developing student-led organization, we have begun to craft partnerships between varying departments at the University of Virginia and in the community.


Within UVA, we have worked across many disciplines with the School of Architecture (Urban Planning and Architecture), Global Development, Global Sustainability, and Public Health Sciences. 

Our first year, Growing for Change was implemented into two classes taught by faculty in Urban Planning and Global Sustainability. In our second year, Growing for Change has it's own class created in partnership with faculty from the School of Architecture and Public Health Sciences. The class is taught by UVA students, who work as curriculum coordinators for the Growing for Change Initiative, and is advised by professors, Schaeffer Somers and Wendy Cohn.

Growing for Change has an official partnership with the Public Housing Association of Residents (PHAR). Our MOU lays the foundation for collaborative efforts that seek to make a healthy environment more accessible to residents of public housing both prior to and after redevelopment. 

In addition to PHAR, Growing for Change also partners with the City of Promise and City Schoolyard Garden, which provide resource and community outreach support.

Lastly, the Dalai Lama Fellows are not only partners in initial funding for our project, but they work as ongoing project advisers. Their global education and ethical leadership currculum lays the foundation for our organization's social impact.

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