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Growing for CHANGE Growing Guides: Flowers & Herbs 



When to Plant: 1-2 weeks after last frost

Sun: full sun 

Spacing: 6-12 inches apart

Harvest: reach desired size/color

General Tips: water infrequently but heavily; nutrient rich soil 




When to Plant: 1-2 weeks after last frost

Sun: full 

Spacing: 4-24 inches apart

General Tips: moderate soil mixture; fertilize lightly to maximize growth



When to Plant:  mid spring--early summer (1-2 weeks after last frost at least)

Sun: full 

Spacing: 10-12 inches apart

General Tips: water 1-2x a week; best in fertile/well drained soil 



When to Plant: start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before last spring frost 

Sun:  full 

Spacing: 10-12 inches apart 

General Tips: water regularly; cutting off faded/dead flowers will prolong blooming 



When to Plant: 1-2 weeks after last frost (sow once temp is 70-85 degrees in soil) 

Sun: full 

Spacing: 1-2 feet apart 


General Tips: water whenever soil is dry; best soil is loam or sandy soil with good drainage



When to Plant: 1-2 weeks after last frost 

Sun: full sun or part shade 

Spacing: 6 inches apart 

General Tips: water regularly until well established, and when soil is dry; tolerant of ordinary soil, go easy on the fertilizer 



When to Plant: 1-2 weeks after frost 

Sun: full 

Spacing: 12-18 inches apart (don't transplant well, so be careful with roots). If using containers, make sure they are at least 12 inches deep 

Harvest: when plant has 4-5 leaves. Harvest older leavees first by pinching them off. 

General Tips: weed often; well-draining soil is best; protect from strong wind of possible; about an inch of water per week 


Image by Paulina H.

When to Plant: 1-2 weeks after frost 

Sun:  full sun 

Spacing: 18-24 inches apart (be careful with roots, doesn't transplant well). If growing in containers, make sure they are at least 12 inches deep.

Harvest: pinch off leaves and flowers throughout the season to harvest. dont harvest more than 1/2 of the plant at any one time.

General Tips: water frequently when young but use well draining soil (doesn't tolerate sitting in water) 


Collection of Herbs

When to Plant:  2-3 weeks before frost 

Sun:  full sun 

Spacing: 12-18 inches apart

Harvest: cut off top 5-6 inches of growth just before plant flowers. Leave the tough, woody parts. Can cut continuously throughout the season but leave at least 5 inches of growth 

General Tips: water deeply when soil is completely dry; drought tolerant;


Image by pintando la luz

When to Plant:  2-3 weeks before frost 

Sun: full/partial sun 

Spacing: 6-8 inches apart 

Harvest: cut leaves from outer portion of plant whenever (leave the inner ones to mature), can harvest once the plant stem has three distinct segments 

General Tips: give consistent moisture; 


Image by Tomasz Olszewski

When to Plant:  1-2 weeks after last frost 

Sun: full/partial sun 

Spacing: ~6 inches apart 

Harvest:  wait for the plant to bolt when it gets host and then harvest the seeds/rest of the plants. Can also pick the leaves regularly while growing 

General Tips: young plants need plenty of water; but once established cilantro needs very little; the seeds of this plant are coriander 


Fresh Mint

When to Plant: 1-2 weeks after the last frost 

Sun: full/partial sun 

Spacing:  in a garden place seedlings 1-2 feet apart (they will spread and cover the ground, so if you don't want this, use a pot instead). If using pots/containers, use ones that are 8-24 inches in diameter to allow growth room. 

Harvest:  pinching off the stems -- youngest leaves are the most flavorful, so harvest often 

General Tips: keep soil moist; block off the mint so it doesn't spread uncontrolled over your garden 


Basil Leaves

When to Plant:  wait until soil has warmed (nighttime temps should not dro below 50 degrees) 

Sun:  full sun 

Spacing:  10-12 inches apart 

Harvest:  start picking the leaves as soon as the plants are 6-8 inches tall 

General Tips: consistent water, soil should be moist but not soggy

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